Send Forward creates and curates resources for biblical local church-centered global missions ministry. We help local churches send well-qualified missionaries for long-term service in the neediest fields of the world. We provide individualized training for local churches, mission-sending agencies, and missionaries through our partner organization Propempo International (a ministry of MissioSERVE Alliance).

Our priority on local church interests can accelerate your vision for fulfilling the Great Commission through your church with excellence.


Send Forward has extensive experience in local church missions leadership, cross-cultural field ministries, and organizational management and consultation. We provide resources and recommendations for training international workers and training local churches in the sending and shepherding of their missionaries.

We provide access to model policies, resources, curricula, and vision-focused plans for enabling your church to fully own and participate in developing, sending, supporting, and shepherding your own people.

We are very grateful to God for the opportunities He has given us to serve and advance His church for His glory! We believe that God's plan to glorify Jesus Christ among all nations begins with local churches and results in healthy, indigenous local churches. God works through the means of proclamation of the Gospel, discipleship of believers, and training of biblically qualified, faithful church leaders, who will teach others also.


Foundational to our understanding of this message, to our hope of response, and to our stamina in the face of difficulties are the five solas:

Sola Scriptura - the Scriptures are inspired, authoritative, and sufficient for all Christian doctrine and practice

Sola Fide - salvation comes by faith alone

Sola Gratia - salvation comes only by and through God's grace

Solus Christus - salvation is by Christ alone

Soli Deo Gloria - all glory is due to God alone