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Missions on Point: the Local Church at the Heart of Ecclesiology and Missiology


What world missions ministry would arise if you only had the Bible?

Answer: It would start and end with the local church. A focus on the local church is biblical, practical, and effective. It aligns with the New Testament. Local churches everywhere display God's wisdom and the glory of Christ in the gospel. You’ll see it from the view of Christ, the Great Commission, first-century Christians, Paul, and the New Testament canon itself. Once you see it, you can’t un-see it!

This book walks through these steps:

A. The Bible teaches that God has always planned to declare His wisdom and glory through local churches.
B. The New Testament shows local churches as the quintessential means and ends of His design for gospel proclamation to every people group on earth.
C. All stakeholders of the global missions enterprise would be more effective if aligned with this understanding.
We will unpack proven practical implementation for the local church. Church missions leadership roles and values are addressed. We will show how various missions stakeholders can implement the biblical local-church-centric world missions principle.

On earth, worship alone is not the goal. Believers worshiping together in local churches is the goal. Let’s start a tidal wave of positive change by applying these principles. The goal is more vital churches, better-equipped missionaries, and more effective, long-term field ministries for the glory of God alone.

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