Propempo Guidebook on Missions Policy


Great resource for churches wanting to build or rebuild their missions policy. It is comprehensive, guiding but not directive, touching on 65 policy issues. Propempo has reviewed and revised the classic ACMC MPH. You will still need to think through your biblical philosophy of missions. Seek information on doing that through the “Missions on Point” podcast, particularly the series on “Propempo Certification” and the series on “Your Church Missions Handbook.”

This is a revision and update of the classic Missions Policy Handbook (MPH) originally produced by ACMC (Advancing Church Missions Commitment). Before ACMC dissolved, Propempo obtained permission to use, revise, update, and edit this and other materials.

This purchase is for a PDF book, which you may print for use in your own church. Your purchase helps offset the costs of producing it and of making it available online.

One of the unique features of the MPH is that it gives a lot of questions to make you think about different perspectives on creating a policy statement on 65 church missions policy issues. The structure moves from foundational to more complex. It is not intended that every church would have a policy segment in its own Missions Handbook for every policy issue in the MPH; rather, each church should use the MPH as a resource cafeteria to choose which policies make sense in their unique situation.

Also, the MPH does not deal directly with biblical missions philosophy. It is best for the church to have a clear, biblical philosophy of missions, approved by the top leadership body, before developing the “nuts and bolts” of the Missions Team/Committee decision framework and structure.

Listen to the “Mission on Point” podcast episodes on biblical missions philosophy to build that foundation first. The series on “Your Church Missions Handbook” is the best way to get a start on it. Then, build (or re-build) your church’s missions policy and missions team/committee handbook.

Return to in the future to find more resources being developed to assist you with insights, training, and tools for missions-sending churches.

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